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Thursday December 18th 2014 1200 Dowloadable Icons
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1200 Windows XP Icons

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Custom icons created idividualy from scratch, will require a design service. Prices normaly range from $10 to $40 per icon. This can be a lofty investment, if you are just looking to simply spruce up your website or blog.

Our collection of downloadable icons includes 1200 high quality graphics in lot's of different styles, If you are looking to add to your sites value, you are sure to find an icon that fits your needs in our collection of downloadable Icons.

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Over 1200 Quality Icons for Websites and Blogs
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How can I stop my Windows icons moving?
This particular foible has been driving PC owners crazy since the earliest days of Windows and there are no end of tricks, hacks and Registry edits that purport to fix the problem. However, in the end there is nothing you can do to stop icons going ...
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